Soldiering - the ultimate challenge!

It was the year 1989, Ajay Ramakrishnan, then a young lieutenant in the Army, was ordered to select a small team of four soldiers, with the dangerous task of operating on the line of control, in thick mountainous jungles and during war, to cross and go beyond!  

A challenging task, if ever there was one!  Now how do you select people for such tasks? What is the job description? What are the skills required? Many criteria were drawn up, discussed and after a lot of tests and deliberations, the team was selected. That day, a seed was planted in the mind of young Ajay Ramakrishnan – “How to select the best person for the task that is needed to be done?”

As part of his military career, of over two decades, Ajay Ramakrishnan has had the opportunity of working at various levels and environments, selecting diverse teams and even having to select Mine Laying and Demining Teams during Operation Parakaram, which has often been considered one of the most dangerous types of military operations. During the Kargil war, Colonel Ajay was flying helicopters in the war zone and was responsible for selecting and combining helicopter crews for over 50 helicopters – that too on a daily basis! Selection and coaching people for any task, is challenging and needs a process that is foolproof!

  It is mastery of such processes that has given Colonel Ajay, success in diverse fields. It is the sum of all his life experiences, training and knowledge that is applied and is being made available for the benefit of everyone.

Combat tech - human mantra!

Leadership Outbound with the Manipal Group

The highest battlefield in the world

Post retirement in 2010, Colonel Ajay Ramakrishnan, Sena Medal (Gallantry), worked with organisations like Microsoft, Accenture, SAP, The Manipal Group, Titan, etc, for leadership and team building programs.  Colonel Ajay is a Marshall Goldsmith certified Executive and Team Coach and coaches executives to achieve measurable growth. Sensitive to the challenges faced by children, youth and professionals, Colonel Ajay uses his skills as a Career Coach to coach and mentor children and professionals to understand their strengths and find exciting careers to lead happy lives. Colonel Ajay is a Marshall Goldsmith certified Global 360 Leader Assessment practitioner. He synergises his experiences and learning with the best psychometric tools in the industry to provide outstanding clarity and coaching to his clients. (Verify Marshall Goldsmith Credentials here).

Deeply motivated by his desire to help people achieve their potential, Col Ajay took up professional coaching and is an International Coach Federation (ICF) accredited coach. He is also certified on neurolinguistic programming practices (NLP) by Dr Richard Bandler (The founder of NLP). He uses these skills and abilities to coach parents, children, executives and professionals to achieve measurable growth,  achievements, joy and fulfilment in their lives.  

The path to greatness is paved by sincerity, honesty of intent, focus, correct information (not just knowledge) and powered by motivation that is energised by individual belief in one’s purpose. Welcome to AmbitionMantra! 

Achieve your purpose, your dreams and ambitions by using the time tested success techniques, work ethic mantras and focus skills that Colonel Ajay learnt from the Army and synergised with the civilian world as well.

Find your Mantra - Achieve your ambition!