Remember your first job interview? I bet you do. Sweating, in spite of the sub zero air conditioning, your wispy thin resume and a few odd certifications, a gnawing fear – am i qualified for the job? Will I get hired? Damn – I wish I had more qualifications? Think about it – if this was a ‘job’ interview, where we were to be hired as parents – do you think you would qualify? If yes, awesome! Skip this article and move on! If not – read on!

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What qualifications did you have, that enabled you to parent your first child? What qualifications did you acquire, before your second child? Did it even cross your mind? I dont think so. We all think – Whats so difficult or challenging in bringing up a child? OR – I have brought up one – I’m sure I can do the next too.


The first child may get reared up hugely on the basis of experimentation and peer info (similar pool of first time parents sharing their limited info). The second child is brought up on the ‘experience’ of having reared the first. Mind you, experience is just experience, there is no ‘skill check’ that says that what was done was good or bad or ugly. Would yout trust someone with tons of experience – but no formal knowledge? We merely assume – if the child does well – we take credit, if not – we blame destiny or the child. Woooohooo – parenting is a fail safe game!

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This is not blame game time. This is merely wake up time. We are in challenging times. Along with us, our children too are being subjected to stresses and apprehensions. The difference is, they do not get to rave and rant like we can. Children are unable to vent their feelings the way we sometimes can.Children are also confused about their emotions – and how to seperate them from experiences. They need our help – desperately! The question is – are we qualified / knowledgeable / informed to help our children?

So – dad what are you going to do? Act tough – do the superman act and vanish from the scene? No Sir – its time, its time for you to upskill yourself as a parent. You owe it to your children. And mummy – where are you? No No No- you cant hide in the kitchen any more! Step up your ‘A’ game – I need you more and more now.

Yes, if children could tell us this – maybe they would have done so. So here’s the thing. As parents, we need to learn. For many years, I was ignorant about parenting skills. I did not realise that there were different parenting styles. I did not understand the emotions of my children. All this changed when I became a coach – l learnt so many things. Today, I can proudly say that I build careers of children and I help parents nurture their children by enhancing their knowledge.


Dear parents, we do it for our jobs – we upskill and we relearn. Why not so for parenthood? There are so many learnings that we can and need to do for our children. It is time now! Do’nt leave it to the last – it may be too late!

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  1. Arun Krishnamoorthy

    Deat Ajay,
    You are correct. In several traditional cultures it was clearly understood that parents are on general not the best qualified to bring up.children. The ancient Brahminical system where the child was sent to a Guru , the Platonic system, and even the English packed off boys to Eton if they had the privilege elsean army school. Possibly on modern tes parents should go for an intensive courae before attempting parenthood.

    1. Thank you ARUN. Our ancient systems are amazingly powerful and effective. While not too many such inspirational institutions are around, your suggestion that we as parents need to “upskill” is a way out. I totally agree with you on the measures you have spelt out. Thank you for your wonderful inputs. Do keep visiting regularly. I mostly post on careers and parenting.

  2. Like!! I blog quite often and I genuinely thank you for your information. The article has truly peaked my interest.

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