The Army has always been a source of great leadership and inspirational leadership skills. This is the pdf of a presentation that I give to corporate leaders as a stepping stone to the next level of leadership. The presentation is based on actual experiences from my military career, ranging from patrolling on the line of control in Jammu & Kashmir, experiences in the high snow clad mountains of Arunachal Pradesh, to the almost impossible tasks of de-mining. My learnings are an open book for all those who wish to transcend their leadership acumen.


In the year 1995, Daniel Goleman enlightened the world with his bestselling seminal work “Emotional Intelligence”. Mr Goleman shared his paradigm changing concepts that stated that ‘Emotional Quotient’ or EQ for short, was as critical if not more than academic prowess or other abilities, for achieving successful careers, relationships and joyful lives.

As a coach and trainer, when my why becomes crystal clear, my focus turns to the ‘how to’. This E-book is a result of that. It is designed as a handy reference manual for daily reference and practical use.


Welcome to the AmbitionMantra Leadership Challenges Tool

Dear Leader,
At the outset, kudos to you for the steadfastness and courage with which you have stood up to the challenges of our times.
As a soldier,I have been in combat several times. These exposures led me to an understanding of the effects of stress caused by traumatic experiences, better known as PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder). Believe it or not, today the  world and the workforce is in a state PTSD. Yes, the trauma has not yet ended but the effects are all there. Yes, some can hack it and many need support.

As a leader, you will have to spearhead the workplace from a place of very high leadership, EQ and a deep sense of compassion. You can accelerate the process by firstly engaging change yourself. To this end, please feel free to use my LEADERSHIP CHALLENGE TOOL, to assess for yourself, as to where you would like to enhance your capabilities.

Please feel free to connect in any area that you consider I can add value to. (To view my credentials please click https://ajayramakrishnan.com/a-coach-is-always-a-work-in-progress/)

To Greater Challenges and Still Greater Achievements!

Warm Regards

Colonel Ajay Ramakrishnan, Sena medal (Gallantry)
Ambition Design Expert
Email: ambitionmantra@ajayramakrishnan.com