"The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don’t have any."
- Alice Walker

Is your hard work not getting you the results that you so desire? 

Is your TEAM falling short of its targets?

Are you feeling stuck – de motivated and need to re – inspire yourself?

Are you setting the goal but missing the mark? 

Are your managers disengaged – is low morale the norm?

Have you done what you wanted in your current career and want to change? 

Do you feel that its time for you to change – time for you to maximise your potential?

Do you want to maximise your gifts, and create a balanced life?  

Are you willing to create a life on your own terms?


Many of the world’s most successful people have experienced stuck or unproductive states or obstacles during their lives. Instead of accepting defeat, they have partnered with coaches and motivators to co-create amazing and exceptional results that transformed their lives as well as the lives of all those around them. Such achievers and thought leaders include personalities like Margret Thatcher, Mikhail Gorbachev, Andre Agassi, Oprah Winfrey, amongst others, who made giant strides by co – creating excellence and performance with coaches. Executives, professional athletes and politicians have long utilised coaches to achieve exponential results. DO YOU WANT TO STEP UP AND CREATE YOUR FUTURE?

Many companies  also invest thousands of dollars providing personal coaching for their executives and high potential employees. Now you can have your own coach and have the professional expertise to get you on track to joy, achievement and aspirational growth in your career. IS YOUR ORGANISATION POISED FOR GROWTH? 

Here is what you can achieve by partnering with a coach:

  • Help you understand what you love to do – and find ways to do it. Create measurable growth.
  • Figure out what’s getting in your way – and develop paths around it.
  • Create a personalised strategy for your growth – one that is unique and just for you.
  • Create your personal brand – enhance your identity and make you even more unique.
  • Build and maintain your confidence – be unstoppable and dynamic.
  • Motivate you.
  • Keep you moving and accountable – progress at a pace that is optimal for you.
  • Set you up for catalytic career success – in a time frame that is unique to your persona


For the Corporate Professional on the path to greatness, personal mastery and excellence!

Do you want to really know what drives you?

Do you want to remove obstacles that get you ‘stuck’ at the workplace?

Are you seeking the Visionary within?

Are you ready to become truly inspirational?


Do you wish to design your own growth trajectory?

Do you seek to infuse your workplace with energy?

Are you seeking accountability for yourself?

Are you seeking to define your personal work-life balance?

With our signature PROFESSIONAL EVOLUTION MANTRA program,  Co-create your excellence. 

Remove limiting “beliefs” – build confidence – motivation – traction.

Move from a ‘stuck’ state to a ‘free flow’ state.

Design your growth strategy and build your personal brand.

Evolve into the dynamic, inspirational and visionary leader that you so desire and deserve.

Make things happen – become even more effective, result focussed and directional.

Co-create your ultimate identity, as you partner with  Colonel Ajay Ramakrishnan, Sena Medal (Gallantry), as he synergises three decades of leadership excellence, best practices from his Marshall Goldsmith certifications, International Coach Federation competencies, Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP)  and ancient Indian wisdom. Connect to your ‘inner guru’ and shine like a beacon as you blaze your own trail.

PROFESSIONAL EVOLUTION MANTRA  is our flagship program of six months duration, with weekly one on one sessions of 60 to 90 minutes (minimum 24 sessions),  world class psychometric evaluations, exciting and stimulating workbooks, webinars, etc. Life long access to our social media streams and personal mastery broadcast stream.



It is your time now!

Make your hard work yield results.

Learn to re-inspire yourself and to inspire your team.

Plan with a vision – the person with a plan- plan with elan!

Get the best out of your team with powerful techniques.

Communicate powerfully, resolve conflicts artfully and surge ahead of the pack.

Achieve your capabilities and enhance yourself.

Be the leader – who drives change and is unstoppable.

All this and more, when you sign up for the INSPIRATIONAL LEADERSHIP MANTRA program.

 Three months of progressive transformation.

4 one on one sessions each month. (Additional sessions available on request).

Powerful case studies and motivational exercises.

Discover the leader within and create explosive change

Learn all about your personal leadership style.

All sessions will be with-

 Colonel Ajay Ramakrishnan, Sena Medal (Gallantry), as he synergises three decades of leadership excellence, best practices from Marshall Goldsmith certifications, International Coach Federation competencies, Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP)  and ancient Indian wisdom. 

Be inspired and inspire your team. 

World class psychometric evaluations included, along with one year renewable membership of the AmbitionMantra Leadership Broadcast.