"Behind every young child , who believes in themselves, is a parent who believed first".
-Matthew Jacobsen


  •  Does your child obey rules and make good decisions? How does your child respond to unfamiliar or stressful situations?
  • Is my child old enough to be given a mobile device?
  • What are the most significant cravings of each of my kids’ hearts? How am I doing at building a relational bridge with my children? Do I “have their hearts”? Do they feel connected with and encouraged by me? Do I feel connected with them?
  • When I’m honest, what top five values do I feel most compelled to instill in my children? Would those line up with the top five values God would want my children to have?
  • What are each of my children’s greatest strengths and greatest weaknesses? 
  • What life skills would I like my children to develop this year? 
  • What is my greatest area of weakness as a parent? My greatest strength? What are my spouse’s? 
  • What can I do to equip my children to love well? To be wise? For successful relationships? 
  • What are each of my kids passionate about? How can I spur on and develop their God-given passions? 
  • Am I striking a good balance between protecting my kids and equipping them for whatever they may encounter when they step outside of my home, now and in the future? 
  • How authentically do I speak with my children? Am I building a bridge of trust and security through my honesty and openness with them?


What is Powerful parenting?

  • It is the art applying the science of parenting. 
  • It is a synergetic blend of instinct, psychology, research, experiences and common sense, synergised to give  your children a holistically complete way of life and upbringing.
  • Learn answers to the 12 questions. Share  experiences to get powerful answers.
  • Be part of a vibrant community that is catalytic as parents and  nurtures strong, complete and emotionally stable human beings – for that is what the planet needs and because that is our purpose as parents!


  •  How do we build our child’s future?
  • For a  tree to grow tall and strong, the roots must go down and deep. 
  • The Early Childhood Mantra is custom designed for parents nurturing their first child. 
  • The program includes one online coaching / mentoring session with our experts each month and provides daily information feeds on important topics. 
  • You also get to be part of a community where you can share your experiences and learn from others. Minimum duration is six months.(Rs 29,999 for six months)


My child is growing – What do I do?

How do I nurture my pre teen child?

How can I partner with my child to secure the future?

  • The Pre teen years are critical for children. This marks a transition from childhood to adolescence and is also the time for children to make important career choices in terms of subjects, etc.
  • The Pre Teen Mantra program, partners with discerning parents seeking to be the best for their children, provides support, guidance and helps the child by providing vital career information and clarity.
  • Parents are relieved and can focus on their work, maintaining and building bonds, secure that their child is on the correct path.

What you will get:

  • Step by step guide – “Key to the Teens”
  • Ultra modern psychometric evaluations to decide subjects and get career clarity.
  • Exciting techniques to bond with your child.
  • Proven activities to use the “coach” approach.
  • Exclusive Membership to FB Group on Powerful Parenting.
  • Minimum duration six months. (Rs 31,999 for six months)


What are the challenges my teenager is facing?

How can I support and nurture my teenager?

  How can I partner with my teenager to secure the future?

    • The thundering teens are a steep learning curve for both parents and children.
    • Curated situations and action plans assist in day to day parenting.
    • The Teen  Power Mantra program, serves as a guide for concerned parents. 

What you will get:

  • Checklist and guide – “All you need to know about Teen Parenting”
  • Ultra modern  psychometric evaluations to decide subjects and get career clarity.
  • Three one on one coaching sessions (online, 60-90 min duration).
  • Activity based plans for building relationships.
  • Proven activities to use the “coach” approach.
  • Exclusive Membership to FB Group on Powerful Parenting.
  • Option to add more coaching sessions.
  • Minimum duration six months.  (Rs 29,999 for six months)