"Why are you trying to 'fit in', when you were born to stand out?."
- Oliver James


(Career & Subject Clarity for grades IX to XII)

Its 9th grade and it’s time to make choices? 

What careers are good for me? How do I decide?

How can I find out my strengths and where I can use them?

Worry no more – CAREER CLARITY BLUEPRINT will help you understand your strengths and abilities.

You will link to exciting careers opportunities that are suitable for you.

Shoot two targets with one arrow.

Get to know the careers that suit you.

Be clear what subjects you need to chose.

Welcome to our premium in demand product.  The CAREER CLARITY BLUEPRINT is a do it yourself (DIY) career awareness tool. Within a short span of 3 days, you will gain awareness about how careers need to be planned, what are the factors that we must keep in mind and also how to evaluate oneself and career options as well.


(Laser sharp psychometrics + career mentoring - for students and young professionals)

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Are you a student of grade IX, X, XI, XII, or a young professional seeking a crystal clear path to your future?

Are you a professional, seeking change?


Do you feel that you are stuck in your career?

Do you ask yourself these questions?

1. What do I need to do to excel?

2. Am I working to my strengths and abilities ?

3. How can I jumpstart my career?

4. I am unhappy here. How can I reshape my life?

Getting onto the right track is critical to progress. As a student, do you want laser focused career clarity? Are you confused over career choices?

Just getting into a career is not enough. We need to succeed as well. Sometimes, we may even need to realign our strengths or careers to achieve happiness. Use the power of the  CAREER SUCCESS MANTRA to redefine and craft your future, excel at your workplace, use your strengths to get ahead of the rest and to position yourself in the lead.

CAREER SUCCESS MANTRA uses  powerful psychometric tools to give you exactly the insights that you need. Our experienced career coaches provide one on one coaching sessions to help you chart out your best options.  Here is your opportunity to succeed. Here is how you can empower your career and create the life you have always dreamed about.  Seize your success, use your CAREER SUCCESS MANTRA!


(For Working Professionals)


Does your job not excite you?

Do you feel that you are not working to your full potential? 

Do you feel suffocated at work?

What do I do? How do I find my strengths? 

How do I achieve a work life balance?

I have work experience – but not much progress. What do I do?

My juniors are getting promoted. What do I do? 


  • Designed for  Working professionals.

  • Design your Ikegai.

  • Powerful Psychometric Evaluations – achieve niche clarity.

  • Two impactful   One on One coaching sessions (60-90 min) with internationally certified coaches (Marshall Goldsmith & ICF accredited).

  • Pivot / Progress strategy and Transition techniques.

  • Career Optimisation Planning.

  • FREE membership of AmbitionMantra Leadership Broadcast.

  • FREE checklist – Evaluate Personal Goals.

  • Discounted offer to Inspirational Leadership Mantra and / or Professional Evolution Mantra.

  • Discounted offer to Career coaching sessions.